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The Player
Name/Nickname: Ellis
Age: 26
Pronouns: He/Him/His and/or She/Her/Hers
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The Character
DW Account: [personal profile] apidae
Name: Bee
Alias: N/A
Age/Birthdate: 26 / November 23rd, 1987
Species: Human
Canon: Original
Canon Point: N/A
Played By: Nicole Beharie


Like her namesake, Bee is a social creature. She is as sensitive toward other people's moods and emotional states as one can get without being a straight-up empath. She is extremely graceful and much stronger than she looks. She probably can't overpower someone much bigger than her (which is almost everyone) if they're actively trying to overpower her, but she's scrappy and has a solid grasp of basic self defense.

Bee's special power is an intrinsic understanding of causality. It's not quite precognition, it's more inductive awareness - a supernatural grasp of cause and effect, the organization of moments. She can "see" (more like "knowing" than "seeing") the full picture of a person's life upon meeting them. Not that she can read their thoughts, or see their life in detail, but rather a general map or outline: how long they've been alive, tragedies and major events, patterns of thought and reasoning, etc. It does lead to a capacity for prediction, though nothing is ever certain. It's a terribly difficult ability and tends to make people uncomfortable, for obvious reasons. She never quite knows how to explain it and never wants to if she can avoid it, and she tries her best not to rely on it when getting to know someone. She's had this since childhood.

The only thing the Rift gave her was a peculiar immunity to certain kinds of entropy. Her hair doesn't grow, she doesn't seem to get dirty (which enables her to always wear the same clothes), she can go for strangely long periods without food or sleep, and if she's aging, she's doing it very slowly.

Bee is tiny (just over five feet) and slender, with soft skin and longish springy natural hair. She always dresses in a yellow sundress and is never seen with shoes on unless they are absolutely required (and "required" to her basically means "enforced"). She has a lovely smile and an expressive face, and she's usually brimming with energy, sometimes to the point of fidgeting and fussing. When she's calm, she tries to hold herself absolutely still. When she's upset, she tends to curl inward. Her emotions are always expressed very physically.

Bee is a true sweetheart, playful and outgoing, naturally inquisitive. She loves to make friends to the point that she is sometimes too eager to trust new people. She talks a lot and likes to keep things light, though she will never ignore another's pain. She's an incredibly good listener and wants to help however she can. There's a sadness in her, deep and heavy, rooted in her burdensome powers. She doesn't like to let others see it if she can avoid it. She wants more than anything to be a good person, to be a help to others, and to never do anything wrong.

Bee is on the autism spectrum. This manifests mostly as a deep desire to be perfect and intense bouts of anxiety when she perceives imperfection in herself and her actions. She also has a tendency to fidget, wanting to rearrange objects in certain patterns which she finds soothing. For the most part, she's able to blend effectively, very practiced in "normalizing" her behavior. Her social skills are quite strong though she does have a tendency to ramble or talk to herself, or say more than is necessarily required. She is not embarrassed by her condition but she doesn't want to put people off or appear different, so she does try to hide it where she can.

When Bee is angered - either because someone has hurt someone she cares about or because someone has acted in a way she deems unjust (this is quite rare; she doesn't usually dole out judgment, but her power gives her a bit of a leg up on some occasions) - she can become either inconsolably upset or sharp and bitter. These moods flare up quickly and seize hold of her for however long the issue continues. When it passes, she becomes quiet and withdrawn. She dislikes feeling anger.

She has the capacity to be dangerous if a situation is bad enough. She's never purposefully injured or killed anyone, but she has found creative ways to do damage before by using her inductive awareness to meddle with someone's life, setting them up for other kinds of harm or discomfort. This, too, is extremely rare.

Bee was born in smalltown Alabama. She was raised by her mother, a pediatrician, and her grandfather, a beekeeper. She never knew her father - "just some fella," her mother once called him. Bee's childhood was very pleasant and carefree. She was homeschooled: her grandfather spent a lot of time take her on walks in the outdoors, teaching her about trees and flowers and, of course, the lives of bees, while her mother, though constantly busy with work, took time to teach Bee about things not in her grandfather's purview - a love of literature and poetry, mostly. (Bee was quick to love her mother's favorite poet, Emily Dickinson.) Bee was a nonverbal child, but her mother diagnosed her autism early on and was able to help her adjust socially as she grew older.

Bee's grandfather died when she was twelve, which was right around when everything got complicated. She started understanding the full extent of her strange inductive awareness - the signs of which had earlier been taken as a symptom of her autism - and with understanding came the great difficulty of accepting and using the ability. As she grew into adolescence her relationship with her grieving mother suffered, and she began to wander off more and more. First she thought she wanted to be alone, but then she realized what she craved was company. She started to go out and meet people, and found that she liked people quite a lot, that she made friends easily, and that she had much to offer.

When she was seventeen, Bee attended a house party and walked in on two friends in an upstairs bathroom - the girl, drunk and protesting the boy's advances. The boy snapped at Bee to leave them alone, and Bee, horrified by the scene and the fact that someone she'd thought was a friend could be so abusive, helped the girl out of the bathroom and promptly took her home. Within a week, the boy's social life had collapsed, all his college prospects dried up, and he was fired from his summer job. There were rumors that this had been some kind of orchestrated revenge, but no one could prove it. It was the first time Bee had used her power to cause harm. She never told anyone about it, and it was shortly after this that she decided she wanted to move away. Her mother helped her get set up in the city, where she worked for the parks and recreation department, keeping bees on the side. When she was 22 her mother died unexpectedly, leaving her relatively alone.

When the Rift takes her, Bee chooses to see it as part of a greater purpose. She's always believed in a higher power, the form of which she's never pinned down. She takes an almost spiritual interest in the Rift, trying to use her powers to understand its machinations.

Writing Sample:

This is not where she was.

Bee takes a look around, wondering at the strange new environment. What a place! Soft green grass beneath her feet. Trees and a beautiful lake and people. This isn't Birmingham.

"Excuse me!" she says brightly to a passing man. "Could you tell me where I am?"

"Central Park," he says, harried with the pressure of talking to an overly friendly stranger. "West side, near 72nd."

He doesn't seem to want to stick around, hurrying off. But that's actually quite helpful! Bee turns westward, peering toward the edge of the park. So this is Manhattan. She's heard stories about it. It, along with the rest of the north, always seemed like a faroff fairyland.

"How did I get here?" he asks herself softly. Curiouser and curiouser. This doesn't feel like a dream. But she can't see the beginnings - the Cause is murky, the catalyst an unknown factor. There's a web of influence at work but it's foreign to her. Like a new language.

How exciting. She doesn't feel afraid. It's been a long time since something happened that she couldn't understand. It's exhilarating. Like being a kid again. She only hopes the landlord will look after her darlings.

Hmm, no shoes. She'd been napping. Well, no need for shoes anyway, if one knows how to walk carefully.

She takes a confident step forward, setting out to explore her new environment.

The Game
How did you find out about Big Applesauce?
you all know me by now

What interests you about the game, and your character's place in it?
I've been wanting to drop an original character in the mix for a while now. I love creating characters, and I loved building Bee with a specific mind toward how she'd fit into the game. I'm excited for her to make lots of friends and try to help people with their problems!

Anything else?


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